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While its primary function at Mohawk is to serve as the streaming media server for academic content, the Kaltura/MyCanvas integration also provides the means to record and host simple webcam videos, and integrate them into your courses. This can be an easy way to create course welcome videos, or even basic video content for courses- anything that you can record using your webcam.

How it works

Traditionally, the creation of original video content requires at least two steps; the acquisition, or recording occurs using some form of camera or camcorder, and then the resulting file is manually transferred to a computer and uploaded to a streaming service like Kaltura. Often, the file will be edited in a video editing program.

The Kaltura/MyCanvas integration allows you to use a simple cloud-based webcam recorder to provide basic recording capability. The recorder is accessed the same say as are all Kaltura functions, from the HTML editor under the Insert Stuff function.

Use at Mohawk

The basic workflow for creating simple videos with the Kaltura webcam recorder and making them available to learners in an MyCanvas course involves accessing the webcam recorder within MyCanvas/Kaltura, using it and your webcam to record and upload/store the file, and then embedding the video player within a webpage in the course. Webcam recordings can be embedded in any webpage in your course- new or existing pages- and in many different tools, including Quizzes, Discussions, News, etc.

There is a simple workflow to create and embed your video:

  • Open a new or existing webpage in the HTML editor, and choose the Insert Stuff option on the editor’s toolbar.
  • Selecting the My Media option will reveal thumbnail images of your previously-uploaded media will display, as well as the Add New button.
  • Using the Add New wizard, select the Webcam Recording option. This will open the Flash-based recorder, which will allow you to select your webcam and audio sources, and record and preview your video.
  • The recorder then allows you to upload the video to the server, and embed the video into your webpage.

Who can help you at Mohawk

In-person help

Contact an Educational Technology Specialist for assistance with Kaltura.

Online help

Using Kaltura

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