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The Kaltura Video Editor allows you to remove unnecessary footage from your raw recordings, deleting rough starts, long pauses, etc. The edit points can be jump cuts or dissolves, for smoother flow. The editor is available for all media, including any uploaded or Kaltura media, and edited videos can be saved as new files or can overwrite the source files.

1. Enter My Media, and press/click on the title or preview image of a video you want to edit.

2. Under Actions, select Launch Editor. In the sidebar menu, make sure that the Video Editor is selected.

3. To remove unwanted footage at the beginning and end of the video, you can simply drag the orange selector handles to new start and end points. If that is sufficient for your edits, press/click Save (to overwrite) or Save a Copy.

4. To achieve more precision in your edit points, you can increase the magnification in the Timeline Zoom.

5. To remove a section from elsewhere on the timeline:

  • Position the playhead to when you want to start the edit and press/click the Split button. Do the same for the end of the edit.
  • Hover your cursor over the section between the start and end of the edit- the section you wish to remove- and press the <backspace> or <delete> keys.
  • These edits will result in hard cuts. If you wish to use a fade for a smoother transition, select the video section to highlight it, press/click the Fade In/Out control, and enter values to set the fade duration.

6. When you are satisfied with your edits, press/click Save (to overwrite) or Save a Copy. Save a Copy produces a second, edited version of the original video, with the original file intact.

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