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The Video Quiz Editor allows you to take an existing video- one that exists within My Media- and make an interactive version of it that includes questions. Video Quizzes play within a special dedicated player, and when a question is encountered on the video’s timeline, the playback pauses until a response is made. Correct and incorrect responses are saved and a score is provided at the end of the video. It can also be configured so that the scores from Video Quiz attempts appear in the course gradebook.

As a teaching and learning strategy, you can post a video for content delivery, but you can also use that video later in the course as an assessment, by converting a new version of it to a Video Quiz. You can also provide a measure of interactivity in your videos by adding periodic questions and reflections that students will answer before continuing with the video playback.

A powerful feature of a Video Quiz is that you can require users to respond to questions before being able to advance, and disable their ability to move the playhead forward. Another strategy is to include a question at the very end of your video, while disabling the timeline seeking. In effect, this will require a user to review the entire video. Having that video enabled as an Assignment can pass the grade to the gradebook, giving you a simple confirmation if students completed the video, or not.

1. Enter My Media, press/click Add New, and select Video Quiz.

2. Select an existing video that you would like to convert to a video quiz, or + Upload Media to upload new media.

3. In the Quiz Editor, configure the settings for Details, Scores, and Experience. As an example, if you wish to disable the timeline seeking, be sure to select No seeking forward under the Experience options.

4. Position the playhead to where you want a question to appear, and choose + Add a Question.

5. Choose the question type. Current choices include Multiple Choice, True False, and Reflection Point. Reflection Point questions are not graded. Note that at this time hot spots cannot be added to Kaltura Quizzes.

6. Enter your question, and add response choices if appropriate. Note that for multiple choice and true/false questions, you can also add a Hint and/or a Rationale (located under the lightbulb button).

7. Save your question. Notice that a question indicator will appear at the precise point on the timeline.

8. Add other questions as desired. When complete, press/click Done, and Return from the side menu.

9. Test your quiz by previewing it in My Media.

10. You can now add the new Video Quiz to a Page, or embed it into an Assignment if you wish to record the grade in the gradebook.

Using a Video Quiz as a Graded Assignment

Any Video Quiz that contains graded questions can be used as a graded assessment in MyCanvas, with the quiz score appearing in the course gradebook. As with any grade item, the point value of the quiz can be converted to a weighted (percentage) value through the use of a Weighted Group.

1. Create your video quiz using the Video Quiz Editor.

2. Create a new Assignment, and for the Submission Type, select External Tool and click/press the Find button.

3. Choose Media Quiz, and click/press the Select button.

4. Search for and locate the quiz, and click/press the Embed button.

5. Click/press Select on the Configure External Tool screen.

6. This will return you to the Assignment Details screen. A successfully-selected video quiz will result in an entry that looks like this:

Resetting Quiz Attempts

Often when building and testing Video Quizzes, you will want the ability to delete your own attempts, so that your Quiz experience mirrors that of a student who has yet to take the Quiz.

Similarly, you may want to delete students’ Quiz attempts so that new attempts can be taken. As well, it can be useful to be able to confirm students’ responses to your questions, or review their reflections.

1. Enter My Media, and scroll to the Video Quiz. Click the Analytics icon on the right. Alternatively, you can click on the video, and select Analytics under the Actions menu.

2. Enter the Quiz Questions tab. On that screen are all the questions contained in your Video Quiz. Clicking on the question will reveal all the student attempts and responses.

3. Enter the Quiz Users tab. This screen organizes all the responses by user. Clicking on the user’s name will reveal all the responses and the scoring for that user. Clicking the Trash icon to the right of the user’s name will delete the attempt and reset the quiz for that user.

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