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When you record a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in Slide Show (full screen) mode, “chapters” are created automatically, with each chapter representing one slide. Viewers can access any chapter at random using the chapter menu.

With other videos, especially longer videos that present a variety of topics, it can be advantageous to add chapters, allowing users to jump to specific parts of the video. You can also upload a single “slide” or an entire slide deck, and align slides to the timeline.

Chaptered and multi-source videos play within a dedicated player that includes the chapter menu, and the ability to switch between sources e.g. the video and the slide deck.

1. Enter My Media, and click on the title or the preview image of the video you wish to chapter.

2. Under Actions, select Edit, and choose Timeline.

3. Position the playhead to where you want to start a chapter, and press/click the Add a new Chapter button.

4. Enter the title and description for the chapter. You can tweak the timing using the timing control.

5. Edit or change the chapter’s thumbnail image, if desired. These images appear in the chapters menu.

6. Save the chapter information.

7. Note that a timeline marker appears to indicate the start of the new chapter. Click/press the marker to edit the chapter information.

8. In addition to adding chapter markers, you can upload a single slide or an entire slide deck (in PPTX, PPT or PDF format), using the Upload Slides Deck button. Once uploaded, you will reposition the slide markers to appropriate spots on the timeline.

9. Press/click View in Player, or return to My Media to preview the chaptered video. Note the chapter menu in the upper left corner of the player.

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