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Managing the release of student feedback in Grades is an important consideration when configuring and managing your MyCanvas courses. Grade posting "policies" can be set for specific grade items and/or for the gradebook as a whole, with the policies determining when students are able to access grade and feedback on specific assessments. Many courses use a combination of policies, and the CTL recommends using policies that are considered, and best suit the course needs.

By default, grades and feedback on student submissions in system-graded quizzes questions, like fill-in-the-blank, true/false, or multiple choice, is released to students upon submission, and the detail and depth of that feedback is determined by the quiz's configured Student Results View. Similarly, any grades and feedback generated in the SpeedGrader, by you or another grader, is also viewable by students immediately as it is submitted. This default behavior can be easily changed.

For example, consider a course that includes a number of self-grading quizzes, and other quizzes which include questions that need to be graded- like a long answer/essay, or file upload questions. Perhaps this course also includes a number of complex assignments that take some time for you to grade. As the instructor, you might like the students to receive the results of the self-grading quizzes immediately upon submission, but would like to hold back the visibility of the grades on the quizzes that include manually-graded questions, and the assignment grades, until you can complete the grading for all the submissions.

In this case, you might set an overall Automatic policy- which is the default setting for courses- and set Manual policies for the manually-graded exceptions. The overall grading policy is set at the course level, within the settings for the gradebook, while the individual grade item policies are set via the item's options.

• Set a posting policy for the entire gradebook

• Set a posting policy for an individual grade items

When using Manual posting policies, graders need to remember to post the grades once the grading for the assessment is complete. If grades are not manually posted, students will never see the grade values and gradebook totals will be inaccurate. Also, it's important to know that setting a Manual posting policy after grades have already been entered will not hide the posted grades.

A final setting available for individual grade items is the Hide Grades/Post Grades option. This feature only affects previously-posted grades, and the vendor "suggests that instructors should use this feature sparingly (i.e. to hide grades posted in error)". If you change or enter a grade value for an item in which you've applied Hide Grades, that grade value will, in fact, be visible to the student. 

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