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Turnitin allows professors to verify the authenticity of student submitted essays and reports. The company website explains, Turnitin Feedback Studio "eliminates the time-consuming process of verifying student authorship by presenting easy-to-use reports that show how much of a document is original, cited from other sources, or unoriginal."

How it works

Students’ contributions are checked against the internet, journal databases, and Turnitin Feedback Studio’s repository of submissions.The system generates an "Similarity Report" (usually within 24 hours) that communicates if a student’s work is not original and to what extent. You also easily see and link to the source information.

Use at Mohawk

Turnitin Feedback Studio is integrated with MyCanvas. Checking a box when setting up a Dropbox folder ensures all submissions are checked against Turnitin’s resources. There are also additional options you can configure, but the majority of faculty use the default settings - e.g. "add submissions to the repository."

To ease assessment and evaluation, you can also attach rubrics and use comment sets to provide feedback using GradeMark, which is partnered with the Similarity Report in Turnitin Feedback Studio.

If configured well, students can use it as a learning tool. With access to the Similarity Report prior to deadlines, students can use Turnitin Feedback Studio to essentially proofread their submissions for incorrect in-text citations of direct quotes and paraphrasing.

Who can help you at Mohawk

An Educational Technology Specialist in CTL, can assist faculty with deciphering and/or filtering the Similarity Report as well as optimizing other tools in the Turnitin Feedback Studio suite. For student support, students can contact the Library

More Information

Turnitin provides wonderful resources from white papers to webcasts as well as helpful how-to videos.

Turnitin Guides

Resources (whitepapers, etc.)

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