Top 10 Tips for Secure Zoom Meetings

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  1. Ensure Zoom software is updated to get the best performance & security. You must use version 5.0+ in order to join any meeting.

  a. To check for updates, navigate to the profile image in the top right-hand corner of the Zoom application and click “Check for Updates”

  b. Read the Where Do I Download the Latest Version? page for more information.

2. Only conduct Zoom meetings in private

  a. Make sure there is no risk of accidental or deliberate audio or visual eavesdropping

  b. Leave cameras off unless required

  c. Use headphones or earphones

  d. Encourage learners to do the same

3. Share the How to Protect Learner Privacy document with learners prior to inviting them to a Zoom meeting

4. Share and discuss the Netiquette expectations with learners in online spaces

5. Become informed of the Security and Privacy Settings in Mohawk Zoom Accounts.

6. Inform learners of the following items, in advance of hosting a meeting:

  a. Purpose of the meeting

  b. Whether it will be recorded or not

  c. Reference Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

  d. Recording settings

  e. Mohawk’s commitment to safe, respectful, and supportive environments

  f. Mohawk Student Rights and Responsibilities

• Note: A template message that includes all these items can be found on page 5 of the Security and Privacy Settings in Mohawk Zoom Accounts document. Copy, Paste, and edit this message into an email or your LMS course site.

7. Use Pre-Registration or a Waiting Room to avoid Zoombombing

  a. Require learners and colleagues to use their Mohawk College email address when pre-registering

  b. Cross reference registrations / waiting room with your attendee or class list

8. Promote and encourage the use of the Nonverbal Feedback tool

9. Familiarize yourself with tools for managing participants (e.g. microphones, removing participants, assigning co-hosts, etc.)

10. Turn on the ‘Always show meeting control toolbar’ feature

  a. Settings > In Meeting (Basic) > enable ‘Always show meeting control toolbar’  

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