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Create, edit and publish original, custom videos - often including screen recordings, annotations, synchronized narration, and webcam video - in Mohawk's recording booths. Mohawk has four dedicated, strategically-located, well-equipped spaces (one at Stoney Creek, one at IAHS and two at Fennell campus.) These spaces are quiet and acoustically neutral, and equipped with appropriate equipment and software.

The recording booths bring together all the necessary software and hardware you’ll need to create quality annotated video tutorials, video and/or audio lessons, and other media.

How it works



  1. Touch-screen computer (identical to those in classroom podiums)
  2. Wacom pen tablet for on-screen drawing and inking
  3. A full complement of audio equipment, including:
  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • A mixer

Dedicated computers

  • Equipped with the same software that’s found on the classroom podium computers, and include additional production applications

Booking information

  • All booking requests require a minimum of 48 hours for approval.
  • One-hour time slots
  • Up to a maximum of three hours per day, per group
  • Book through the WhereEnCampus portal - You can find these rooms under Recording Booths when choosing the Request Type


  • Fennell location: Room E210
  • Institute for Applied Health Sciences (IAHS) location: Room 322
  • Stoney Creek location: Booked via email

Use at Mohawk

Although many types of media can be created in the recording booths, the bulk of the videos are screen recordings, usually with synchronized narration and often with on-screen annotation (inking). Generally, either Panopto or Camtasia are used as the main recording and editing tool.

After the recording is completed, the file is uploaded and stored in either Panopto or Kaltura – our two MyCanvas-integrated video services - and embedded in MyCanvas Content webpages using the HTML editor’s Insert Stuff function.

The workstation includes all standard software packages as well as additional media production applications - Creative Cloud (including image, audio, and video editors), Articulate Storyline (for the development of interactive multimedia applications), Ink2Go (for simple annotation and inking), Audacity (for audio recording and editing), and others.

Each booth is bookable in one hour time slots up to a maximum of 3 hours per day per group through the WhereEnCampus portal. 

Who can help you at Mohawk

In-person help

Contact an Educational Technology Specialist for assistance with using the Recording Booth.

Online help

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