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Well-conceived and executed multimedia resources are an enhancement to almost any course, providing a richness, immediacy, and customization that is difficult to achieve with other content formats. The development of these resources is a specialty area, requiring dedicated equipment, software, and a specific skill set.

The Multimedia Production Studio is a facility dedicated to the development of multimedia for teaching and learning applications at Mohawk. It is a well-equipped, isolated facility that integrates:

  • a shooting area for video and photography;
  • an audio recording booth;
  • an editing suite;
  • and a multimedia workstation.

The production equipment includes digital still and video cameras, flash, tungsten, and LED lighting, a TelePrompTer, green screen, audio gear, and associated hardware, all managed and operated by a dedicated staff member.

Generally, the projects created in the studio are a result of collaborations between the resident Developer and faculty, serving as subject matter experts.

How it works

The Studio offers three key services:

  • Advise, assist, and provide training and support to faculty who are developing media resources for their courses
  • Provide high-quality media production services- principally audio and video recording and editing, image and graphics development
  • Collaborate with faculty subject matter experts in the development of high-impact interactive multimedia learning objects and modules

Most if not all of the work of the Studio is ultimately hosted on websites or within courses in MyCanvas Videos and interactive multimedia modules serve as enhancements or core content for many courses, and are seamlessly integrated into courses through widgets or content pages.

In addition to production services, there is a small complement of equipment available for sign-out, including cameras, video recorders, webcams, and a touchscreen computer.

Some links to examples of video work:

Some links to web-accessible examples of interactive multimedia projects:

Use at Mohawk

Generally, the works of the Studio are the result of collaborations between faculty subject matter experts and the Studio Developer. Projects are usually accepted on a first come, first served basis, and emphasis is placed on high-impact, broad audience projects.

Who can help you at Mohawk

Contact Andrew Connery for an appointment to use the Multimedia Studio.

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