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All LinkedIn Learning(LiL) videos have HTML embed codes that allow you to display individual videos directly in MyCanvas Pages, Assignments, or Quizzes. Anywhere you see the Rich Content Editor, you can access the Insert/Edit media button. The Insert/Edit media button allows you to embed a LinkedIn Learning(LiL) video into your MyCanvas content.

NOTE: The embed option is only available to those who have connected their LinkedIn account to their LinkedIn Learning account.

There is a limit of 20 embedded videos per month. If you want to share multiple videos or an entire course in MyCanvas, consider sharing the link rather than embedding.

Embed an Individual LiL Video Step-by-Step

  1.  Navigate to Mohawk Lil.
  2.  Sign in with your MohawkID. 
  3.  Connect your personal LinkedIn account to your Mohawk LiL account (first time users ONLY).
  4.  Locate the individual video you want to embed in your MyCanvas course and open it.
  5.  Click the Share icon in the upper right-hand corner of the LiL media player. 
  6.  From the options list, choose "Embed" (as shown in the image below).

7. Click on Unlock Video to Embed button. You will see the number of embeds left this month (as shown in the image below).

8. Click the Copy code button (as shown in the image below). Note: For accessibility, do not activate the Auto-play video option.

9. From the Rich Content editor in MyCanvas, choose the Embed icon (as shown in the image below).

10. In the Embed window, paste the code and click OK.

11. When you save and publish your MyCanvas item, students will see the individual video directly in the Page, Assignment or quiz (see example Page in the image below).

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