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Flipgrid is a social learning platform that allows educators to ask a question either through a video or voice recording, then the students can respond in a video or voice recording. Students can write comments in Flipgrid on teacher or student created videos. This web of discussion creates an online community where knowledge is shared and created.

Flipgride is available to every course under settings, Apps

  • Flipgrid does not support admin or account-level setup. Additionally, existing Groups and Topics cannot be integrated. Instead, teachers need to setup their own integrations and it will create a new Group & Topics for each course.
  • To use the Flipgrid Canvas integration, educators must first have a Flipgrid account. Visit admin.flipgrid.com to login or create your 100% free educator account first.

Click the Flipgrid icon to +Add App

Once you have created your free account, use the generated key/secret to complete the integration of Flipgrid into your course.

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