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To add a badge to Folio, you will first need download a copy of your badge (see Download Badge instructions). Once your download is complete, follow the directions provided below.

Step 1

On your global navigation bar, select “Account”. On the tray that appears, locate and select “Folio”.

Step 2

On the screen, locate and select “+ New Project”.

Step 3

You will be re-directed to the Portfolium website. If you have not created an account, you will need to do so now. If you have an account, you will be prompted to complete the project details. You will need to:

• Upload a copy of your badge using “Upload Files”

• Select the category to which the badge applies, if applicable

• Provide a description

• Consider completing the “Skills, Tools or Software”, “Teammates”, and/or “Tags” section(s)

Select “Publish” when finished completing the appropriate information. Your badge has now been successfully added to your Folio.

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